About Elen

Elena is a flexibility, stretching and contortion coach, dancer, yoga teacher and aerialist. She worked several years as a yoga teacher, pilates and fitness instructor in different gyms and yoga schools all over Berlin. She is the founder of Flexybendyfit.com, Fitworkout.de and an international Magazine about Contortion, Aerial Arts and Pole Dance – Activonga.com. Elena herself has performed on aerial silks and aerial hoop. 

Elena has successfully completed many Flexibility  and Stretching Certifications, Training for  Contortion Coaches by famous contortion coach Jasmine Straga and learned from the best Russian Rhythmic Gymnasts and famous contortionists from different countries.

Elena has profound knowledge of different kinds of stretching, flexibility and contortion training, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, yoga, pilates, strength workouts, myofascial release, kinesiological flexibility training and aerial gymnastics.

 She gives individual classes currently in Berlin and also online individual classes via Skype or Zoom.

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