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    All training programs – filmed

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    • Train your entire body systematically during the whole week!
    • You can work on splits and backbends unblocking your body and releasing tension, getting stronger and more flexible every day.
    • Pay less for buying all the courses.
    • Classes: 5
    • Average duration: 2 hrs 10 minutes
  • Back

    Back Flexibility Course – Filmed

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    • Proper warm-up program to prepare your muscles and already stretch them.
    • Shoulders, upper back, middle and lower back mobility and strengthening exercises.
    • Special flexibility exercises for backbends.
    • Active, functional and passive stretching.
    • Tension and blocks release.
    • Back well-being and pain preventing exercises.
    • Classes: 1
    • Average duration: 36 minutes
  • Splits

    Front Splits Training – Filmed

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    • Warm-Up exercises which already strengthen your legs and help to develop flexibility.
    • Release of stiff places in your legs and unblocking.
    • Intensive Flexibility: active, passive and functional stretching.
    • Classes: 1
    • Average duration: 30 minutes
  • Splits

    Middle Splits Training – Filmed

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    • Warm-Up exercises to develop mobility of your joints and already work out your flexibility.
    • Tension release.
    • Intensive Stretching: active, passive and functional stretching, as well as kinesiological stretching.
    • Classes: 1
    • Average duration: 28 minutes
  • Flexibility

    Mindset and Thinking for Flexibility Success – Filmed

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    • Training Motivation.
    • Best tips, secrets and tricks to get training into habit.
    • When to train, how often and how much.
    • Motivation.
    • About flexibility.
    • Flexibility as a lifestyle.
    • Classes: 1
    • Average duration: 14 minutes
  • Fascia Training

    Myofascial Release or Fascia Training – Filmed

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    • Special exercises to release muscular tensions and stiffness.
    • It also helps to alleviate and prevent pain of your back, shoulders and legs.
    • Classes: 1
    • Average duration: 21 minutes
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