10 Exercises with the yoga wheel

Yoga wheel is great to roll your back on to release tensions and get more flexible.

If you just have started yoga and don’t trust yourself to go into backbends and try camel and bridge, you can start with the yoga wheel.

If you are intermediate or advanced yogi, or just naturally flexible, you can deepen your backbends with the yoga wheel as well.

As for the technical informations, it’s made of anti slip material and can hold a weight of 200 kgs.

No more tech talk, warm up and try it out.

  1. Just sit down, lean back on your yoga wheel and roll your back.
  2. Now put the yoga wheel behind you and sit up on your need for the camel pose. With your arms down you can slowly grab the wheel instead of your feet to get more sure of the pose before your grab your feet. If you can do the camel pose, and have been doing yoga for a long time, you can grab the yoga wheel first lifting the arms up and slowly putting them on the yoga wheel, bending your back.
  3. You can also train the bridge with your hands on the yoga wheel to get confidence and strength first. For this lie down on your mat and put the yoga wheel over your head. Bend your legs and put the on the mat, bend your arms and try to grasp the yoga wheel where it is. Try to list your body up holding the yoga wheel and pushing with your feet into the mat. If you can do the bridge, you can vary and do the bridge without and with a yoga wheel, changing from 1 bridge to the other several times to get stronger.
  4. You can do the tabletop position and roll the yoga wheel in front of you back and forth. It’s good for the shoulder mobility.
  5. You can also do the cat cow exercise from you with your hands on the yoga wheel.
  6. For the abs hold a plank with your arms on the yoga wheel for one minute or 30 seconds.
  7. Another option is to do the plank with your feet on the yoga wheel and the arms on the mat. Hold it for a minute.
  8. If you need help for your balance, you can hold with the help of the yoga wheel first, grasping it with one hand, for example in trikonasana. But please try to find your balance then.
  9. You can bend forward into the front fold holding the yoga wheel with your arms or going slowly down with the yoga wheel between your feet and trying to grasp it.
  10. For side muscles you can list the yoga wheel with your arms up and bend a few times from side to side.

As you have seen there are many exercises for all the levels of yogis and non yogis. You can even hold your splits on the yoga wheel. So I definitely recommend you to try out a yoga wheel. The Yoga wheel from DoYourSports is really good.

Enjoy your training!

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