Exercises on acupressure mat.

Acupressure mat is just a great message mat which helps you to release tensions accumulated in your muscles. It also alleviates pains in joints and makes your body more elastic. Many people confirmed that acupressure mat and cushion help against headaches.

If you have uncomfortable feeling in your back, also neck or feet, grab an acupressure mat  and an acupressure cushion and just relax on it for a while.

There are actually good exercises easy to follow which will help you to feel great just in a few minutes. These stimulate the blood circulation and you can feel the massage very quickly.

Without further waiting take your acupressure mat and try it out yourself:

  1. Let’s start. Lie down on your mat for 30 seconds or 1 minute. It will feel on your muscles and make you more awake.
  2. Walk on your acupressure mat for 1 minute.
  3. Jumping! Now go for it and jump on your acupressure mat barefoot. Do 10 jumps – it’s your reflexology massage.
  4. Now you can sit down on your acupressure mat for 1 minute, relax.
  5. Now lie down on your acupressure mat and cushion lifting your legs up in the air 90 degrees for 30 seconds.

Great job! Get up and enjoy the after massage time!

You can use acupressure mat to release tensions or also before stretching after you have warmed up. I highly recommend you the acupressure set by DoYourSports.

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